Little Tupper Lake

Little Tupper Lake

30 April 2022

Little Tupper Lake


This post is about my latest trip to to little tupper lake. The weather was going to be perfect so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some high quality photos of the night sky. The William C. Whitney wilderness area is an ideal area for astrophotography because of its low levels of light pollution. You can see from the following image just how little light interferes with the night sky compared to other areas in the state.

Light Pollution

I launched my canoe from the hand launch at the ranger station and paddled all the way to site 10 on the lake.

William C. Whitney wilderness area

Then at one o’clock in the morning, I got up and setup my camera and started the several hour long time lapse you see below.

The Milky Way

As always there were things I wished I had done differently such as starting the timelapse earlier in the evening and having it go longer. When I started the camera at around 1 in the morning I didn’t know exactly how the milky way was going to show up and also I wasn’t sure how long the battery or storage card would last while constantly taking photos. Now I know that I was nowhere near to depleting either one so my timelapse could have been about twice as long probably.